Ugly Christmas Sweater Shopping Reminder

It’s back to school season already?  I hope all you young folks are having a good first week of school.

If you didn’t know, this is also the season of Ugly Christmas Sweater shopping.

That’s right, it’s not even Halloween and you should think about shopping for one of these.

Why is it the best time?

If you don’t go out now, the prices will surely be double later.  Not to mention, the availability will be scarce.

Where should you go shopping?

You should definitely check out your favorite department store, however they might not start stocking them until October or November.   If you want a deal, you should check your local thrift stores and online marketplaces.

What to avoid

You don’t want to get an invitation to a party, or an announcement for one at work and not be prepared.  Trust me, the closer it is to Christmas, the harder it will be to find one.

My Advice

Spend the next few weeks up until November comes around searching for your perfect sweater.  The one you’re sure will win against any competition.

Stop by your local thrift store regularly or ask when they usually bring them out.  Once in stock, they usually hang them near the front of the stock where people can easily find them.

It’s not hard to find a gem for cheap if you get one this early in the game.

While some might think I wouldn’t dare call a Christmas sweater ugly, I do enjoy a good laugh and a good party surrounded by friends and family.

Happy searching!

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