Spray Painting Christmas Tree Ideas

Here’s something I never thought I’d see, spray painted Christmas trees.  I always thought trees came in green, pink, and white only.

But apparently those colors were not enough for some brave people who attempted to spray paint their Christmas trees.  They have graciously shared their attempts with the internet, and I found a roundup post of a few of them.

See the post here:

DIY to Try # spray painted Christmas tree

I love how colorful some of the trees are.  Especially the mint green one, it has a pastel look to it.  My favorite would have to be the ombre one.

You would never think a black Christmas tree would look very festive, but the way the colors lighten up to the top where it is white is gorgeous.

I love that in the photo for the ombre one you can see that they were able to add Christmas decorations in colors that you might not otherwise use.

These are all very far from the traditional red and green, and maybe silver and gold, but I love them and think they are all very creative.

What do you think? Would you ever try spray painting a Christmas tree?

I think a big one would be too intimidating for me, but I would definitely try to paint mini one lavender I think.  Lavender is my favorite color and I think it would make stunning soft pastel Christmas tree.

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