Santa Wig and Beard Set

Santacon was this past weekend in New York.  Who would ever think there was such a thing? Actually, as I found out, there a quite a few events where people can impersonate me.  Things like charity events, marathons, parties, etc.  Well, you can’t look like me without a Santa wig and beard set.  That is of course, unless you already have white hair and a thick white beard, but something tells me most of you are a little too young for that yet.  If you have a special event coming up where you need to look just like Mr. Claus, have a look at the wigs below.

Not all Santa wigs are made alike, make sure to read the reviews carefully before buying to make sure it fits your needs.  You may be looking for one with tighter elastic, one that doesn’t shed as much, etc.  Either way, make sure when you put on the faux hair pieces, you remember to represent me well.  I have a very good public image and don’t expect it to be tarnished by all the fake Santa’s running around during the holiday season.  I know you’ll be on your best behavior.  Merry Christmas!

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