Funny Santa Onesies for Adult

Truthfully it’s a little embarrassing posting this myself. I don’t know why you’d want to dress up like me, but I suppose it’s flattering. I took a little time off to find some Santa onesies for adults. My suit is much more elaborate of course, but these are good enough for having a good chuckle. 

They are all the classic red, with white trim and some have belts and boots like mine. There are some unisex ones and some made especially for men, and women. If you want to look like me, it’s going to be under $50. Not bad compared to the cost of mine. Don’t expect to be fooling anyone though, there can only be one Santa Claus. 

6412-M Just Love Adult Onesie / Onesies / Pajamas, Santa with Candy Cane, Mediumcheck-price-red Briefly Stated Men's Santa Microfleece Onesiecheck-price-red Silver Lilly Unisex Pajamas - One Piece Cosplay Holiday Santa Claus Costume (S)check-price-red

Will you be using these to sleep in? Or take family photos? Maybe you’ll be using one to impersonate me and make money off of my likeness like I see at the malls every year. Can you believe they never even asked if it was okay? But I’m not too mad about it, I can’t be everywhere and the children want to see Santa, so it’s quite nice when you think about it that way. 
Either way, thanks for having a look, I’ll get back to work now. 

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