Novelty Reindeer Slippers for Adults

Does anyone else love wearing slippers during the winter time?  Actually they are great year round to help keep your floors clean, but during the winter they are especially cozy.  If you are looking for an especially festive pair, have a look at some of these reindeer slippers for adults.  They are more common in women’s sizes but there is an option for men too.  They are the perfect shoe to pair with your reindeer pajamas.

Faux Fur Reindeer Slippers

These are colored a rich brown, and the reindeer are wearing a nice red and white holiday scarf.  These are nice and tall and will cover your whole foot. Available in sizes 5-10 and features deep padding for extra comfort.  The bottoms are non slip.

Red Reindeer Slippers

These are nice and tall slippers again, with a fluffy faux sherpa-like lining.  They are available in brown and red, with the face staying the same.  Thye have women’s size 6.5 – 8.5 available. The bottom is beaded for traction.

Reindeer Mule for Women

These are are true slippers, mules, available in navy and red colors.  They have sizes 5-10.  unlike the other fuzzy/fur looking slippers, these have a knitted build with sherpa fleece lining.  They have a textured bottom to prevent slipping.

Christmas Slippers for Men and Women

These slippers are available in mens and womens sizes, with the mens slippers having a green color scheme, and the womens being red.  The reindeer have cute scarves and santa hats on them.  These slippers will cover your whole foot.

I hope you enjoyed my suggestions, there are definitely a lot of choices out there for women, with at least one option for men.  Some come in children’s sizes as well so you can buy them for your whole family.  They would be nice to walk around your house with to keep your feet warm or give as a gift to a special friend or family member.

Thanks for looking!

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