Red and White Striped Pajamas

Red and green are the official colors of the Christmas season, but these red and white striped pajamas are even more fitting of the holidays because they resemble candy canes or peppermints. Of course we elves find ourselves wearing stripped stockings a lot too. It’s the only time when you can get away with wearing the pattern without being called Waldo. Regardless, there’s quite a variety available as you can see below.

Leveret Kids Christmas Pajamas Boys Girls & Toddler Pajamas 2 Piece Pjs Set 100% Cotton (Red/White, 10 Years)check-price-red

Leveret Womens Pajamas Fitted Striped Christmas 2 Piece Pjs Set 100% Cotton Sleep Pants (Red/White Size Medium)check-price-red

Leveret Kids Fleece Baby Boys Girls Footed Pajamas Sleeper Christmas Pjs (Red & White Stripes,Size 6-12 Months)check-price-red

Leveret Women Fleece Sleep Pants Red & White Striped Smallcheck-price-red

PajamaGram Candy Cane Fleece Matching Family Pajamas, Toddler 5T, Red/Whitecheck-price-red

Hatley Little Girls' Pajama Set-Candy Cane Stripes, Red/White, 2Tcheck-price-red

Above, there are pjs for men, women, families, and children. The children’s pajamas in this pattern are more widely available and come as a shirt and pants set or onesies/footed pajamas. The women’s ones were the next easiest to find, mostly coming as a pants and shirt set. It was a little bit harder to find ones for men, I only had luck finding them in matching family sets.

If you are just buying a pair for yourself, your children, or as a gift for someone else, there are a few choices. If you want matching pairs for the whole family, you’re better off buying one of the matching sets than trying to buy individual pieces. Most brands only have one type available, for example they only make children’s or women’s sizes, etc.

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