Red and Green Striped Pajamas

Red and Green Christmas Pajamas

If I were to ask you what two colors you associate most with Christmas, you would probably answer red and green, right?  From holly and mistletoe to Christmas lights, that is the color combo that is synonymous with Christmas.  They’re tradition at this point.  Although Christmas has passed just a couple of months ago it is still winter outside for many people.  If you are still feeling in the holiday spirit (it may even be snowing right now where you live), then check out these red and green striped pajamas.

They are available in sizes for everyone in the family.  You can get a pants and shirt set, just the pants or even an adult or baby onesie.  On a side note, these work very well for elf costumes.  Not that you should go around dressing up like me.  But if you had these, all you would need is a Santa style hat, some pointed ears, and turned up shoes.

 I don’t know when striped became the standard uniform for us, but it’s better than all solid colors I guess.  That can look too intimidating, just think of Santa and his big red suit.  Of course he’s jolly and nice, but don’t upset him or you’ll be on the naughty list for sure.

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