Plaid Baby Christmas Pajamas

Plaid probably isn’t the first pattern you’d associate with Christmas, but I ask you to reconsider. What other pattern looks good with a combination of gold, green, and red? It’s a way to get all those Christmas colors in there, (your reds and greens, blues and whites, and of course any combinations of gold and silver) without looking overly festive or ridiculous. It beats having a giant Santa superimposed over your chest.

Of course, these pajamas are made for babies, so perhaps style isn’t foremost on your mind. (Although a generous parent would consider how their child might feel looking back on the photos of their first Christmas and seeing ridiculous pajamas.) Take a moment to think about the dark complexity to a good, red ( or green gold, blue, etc.) plaid. Babies are cute but they are messy, so stains are bound to happen. A good plaid can hide a stain in all those lines like no simplistic holiday sweater ever could. You won’t have to worry about transitioning from a nice holiday dinner to pictures around the tree on Christmas Eve. Even if baby gets all those purred vegetables everywhere, no one is going to notice.So don’t put plaid in boxes labeled lumberjack or masculine. Plaid is a good looking, functional option for anybody, and any baby.

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