How to Make a No Sew Mini Christmas Bear Plush

Have you ever heard of needle felting?  It’s on my list of crafts to try my hand at.  I admit and I did try it once and was a little intimidated.

I think it comes across as very easy to someone who is just learning about it, but in fact it must take some practice to be good at it.

I found this adorable how to make a no sew mini Christmas bear plushie tutorial and thought about trying it once more.  The finished project is just to cute.

No Sew Mini Christmas Bear Plushie Tutorial

Supplies Needed:

Wool Felt


Felting Needle

Pipe Cleaners

Hot Glue Gun


Start by taking a warm dark brown shade and shaping the round body.
Make a smaller circle in a lighter brown and attach it as the mouth.
Make and attach the ears out of the dark brown.
Use your fingers to roll out the pink pieces for the ears and attach them.
Attach a small brown circle for the nose.
Use your hands again to create the smile and attach it.
Make a strawberry/cone shape to use as the body and attach the head to it.
Wrap a white stripe around the bottom and attach it.
Make the Santa hat and attach it.
Wrap around the green scarf and attach it.
Attach the blush.
Add the eyes (tiny beads).
Add the holly to the hat.
Make the legs, arms, and paws and attach them.
Attach the tail.
Clean up by cutting stray threads.
Twist two red and white (crafting) pipe cleaners together and form the candy cane.
Glue the candy cane to the bear body.

Sorry my instructions are not the clearest, hopefully you will watch the video to get a better understanding.  If you were wanting to try needle felting like me, may give this project a try.

It seems good for beginners.

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