Make a Mini Christmas Tree Decoration

I love looking for new craft inspiration on the internet.  I am so happy I came across this video on how to make DIY Christmas decorations.  The first decoration she makes is a mini Christmas tree made out of yarn.

I was shocked at how simple it is to make this, yet the finished product is stunning.


Styrofoam cone

Craft pearl beads

Hot glue gun




Sewing pins


Cover the cone in cling wrap, and place pins around the cone to wrap the yarn around.

Cut a long string of yarn, and place it in a container.

Add water and glue to the container and mix it to create a paste that covers the yarn.

Wrap the yarn around the cone using the pins to secure it and create straight, taught lines.

Set aside until dry.

Remove tree from cone.

Use a hot glue gun and craft pearl beads to act as the “ornaments” and decorate your tree.

You can use tweezers to help you handle the pearls.

I hope to try this on my own during this holiday season.  I think it will be fun to play around with different colors of yarn and different decorations for the tree.

There are other tutorials in this video as well for more easy DIY decorations.  I recommend trying this mini Christmas tree one as well as the others if you are looking for a fun, festive project to prepare for the upcoming holiday season.

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