Letter to Santa Template PDF and Printable

It’s tradition in malls across America to have a mailbox that you can drop your letters off in to be delivered to Santa.  Santa of course reads the letters, and if you’ve been good, will most likely bring you something off your list.  So a fun activity to do with kids during the holidays is have them prepare this letter.  Luckily, there are some free letter to Santa templates in PDF or printable form for you to print out and use for just that.  I found some great ones from Pinterest.

This one features Santa coming in the chimney of a house with his bag of toys in tow.  It’s very festive with a snow covered roof and decorative Christmas lights.


Next is a very simple template available as a PDF.  There are only a few lines for text and a very simple message.


Another PDF, this printable is in simple letter format and comes with an envelope.  It features a red and white striped design.


Finally we have this cute and letter that gets more detailed about who you are and what you want for Christmas.


After you’ve saved a letter, just print it out and help your child complete it.  Find the nearest North Pole mail box and drop it off to be delivered to Santa.  How will us elves know what to make if the kids don’t tell us what they want?

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