Hottest Toy Christmas 2016

What’s the most popular toy of 2016?  Some of you may know the answer already, and some of you will be shocked to find out.  The answer is – drum roll please- Hatchimals!


Hatchimals, creatures hatched from interactive eggs with your help.  You care for the egg to help hatch it.  The shell cracks little by little until your creature is hatched.  Once it’s hatched, it needs more care to grow from a baby to it’s full potential.

Note that the creature doesn’t  grow in size, but it’s functionality improves as it’s grows up.

The eggs have one of two colored creatures inside, and it’s a surprise to see which one you’ll get after it hatches.

Certain types of creatures are exclusive to certain stores, for example, a Burtle can only be found at Walmart, and a Owlicorn can only be found at ToysRUs.

Where to Buy Hatchimals

These are pretty much sold out at every online and in-store retailer.  You can snag one by refreshing the website in your browser or app, or finding one at a store near you that hasn’t gotten it’s shelves cleared yet.  You can also use stock checkers online.

While some have been lucky using these methods, they are pretty hard to come by, with some people even claiming their orders are canceled after they are placed because of low inventory.

Spin Master, the company who manufacturers them is rumored to be preparing a shipment to all retailers in time for Black Friday.

Until then, they are going for an average of 50% more than their original price from third party re-sellers on sites like eBay and Amazon.

There was even a $1000 listing on eBay for one of these.

Stores that seem to have more stock available are Kohls and Barnes and Nobles as these are not traditionally stores where you would think to buy toys from.  Call your local store and see if they have some in stock if you are interested.

Even the stores that get them in stock weekly or bi-weekly, only get a few at a time.  You can even run into lines outside of stores before they open in the morning looking for these.  It’s really a craze right now!

Good luck getting your hands on one!

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