Holiday Onesies for Adults

It’s the first post of the season!  I am so excited to kick off another year at Jolly Jammies!  The very first thing I’m sharing with you this year are holiday oneseis for adults.

Now, these might not be what you wear to sleep, but they can still easily fall under the pajama category.  Although some people have fun wearing these to holiday parties as well.

I personally love wearing these around the house in the winter time when it’s cold if I am just lounging around.  Without further ado, let’s see the onesies below.

#FollowMe Adult Christmas Onesie For Women Sherpa One-Piece Pajamas, Reindeer Sherpa, Mediumcheck-price-red

Just Love Adult Onesie Pajamas, Holiday Plaid Printcheck-price-red

Forever Lazy Footed Adult Onesie - Happy Holidaze - Mcheck-price-red

Forever Lazy Adult Onesie - Moose - check-price-red

Are these festive or what?  I love that holiday patterns are so readily available for pretty much anything, including these.

Whether you want to be cute and dress as a character or animal, have fun with illustrations and patterns, or stick to the classics like plaid, there is an option for you.

There is even a footed onesie available for those who want to be covered from head to toe.  Speaking of, each option has a hood attached to keep you extra cozy.

The great thing about onesies for adults is that’s it’s become more normalized (as we can see with the many holiday options available).  They used to be considered as “lazy” wear, but now that lounge-wear has made it’s mark on our society, no one will judge you for walking around your house in one of these.

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