Free Printable Watercolor Christmas Wall Prints

Christina from The DIY Mommy posted a freebie on her site for Christmas.  It’s text (script) that reads comfort and joy, or merry and bright with a watercolor background.  You download the prints from her blog below.

Free Christmas Watercolor Printable Art

I love the blue and teal green colors, I think they stray a little from traditional Christmas colors, but still look great.  Very unique.

The style is still trendy at the moment, with the brush script font and the watercolor accents.

She provides high resolution photos on her blog so that you can print them out as high quality photos and frame them.

Wall Art Printables

I personally love printables, and think they are amazing digital assets.  Especially ones like these that are meant to be printed out and hung up.

You can find more free printables on Pinterest, or of course by searching online.

It would be nice to fill up a blank wall with a lot of these prints, gallery style.

This Freebie

We are so lucky that the creative bug hit Christine to create these prints.  I am thankful for her sharing them, and hope that you guys find them interesting as well.

Trust me, if you’ve never heard of printables before, try looking some up.  These wall art prints are just the tip of the iceberg.

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