Dog Reindeer Costume

Following up our introduction to Christmas apparel for dogs with Christmas Sweaters for Dogs, we are getting even cuter with dog reindeer costume ideas.

Turning your little fur baby into a reindeer for the holidays has got to be the best idea outside of turning him into the big jolly guy himself.

I am sadly unable to adopt a puppy right now, but if I did have a dog, I know I would be so excited to prop little reindeer antlers up on his head.

Zoo Snoods Reindeer Dog Costume - Neck Ear Warmer Headband Protectorcheck-price-red

Midlee Christmas Reindeer Antlers with Ears for Dogscheck-price-red

Reindeer are actually quite big up close, and not as friendly as they are often portrayed in movies.  Don’t get me wrong, they haven’t bit me yet, but they can get pretty feisty.

If you want your dog to look like a reindeer, there are a few options.  From headbands to sweater, and for big and small dogs.

Headbands are ideal for dogs that are fussy about you putting anything on them.  Chances are it will last long enough on top of their head for you to snap a quick picture with.

If you’re lucky and your pooch is quite calm, you can try for a more intricate piece like a sweater or head covering.

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