DIY Christmas Sled Decor

Do you ever come across a craft project that you think is just ingenious?  That’s how I felt when I found this DIY Christmas sled decor project from Homespun Engineer.


Project Overview

The main materials used in the project are paint stick stirrers which she says you can find at any home store in a pack of 10 for only $1.

Assuming you have all the other tools on hand – something to cut the wood with, hot glue gun, accessories (optional), and paint – this project really does cost only $1.  I think that’s pretty amazing.

She then uses the stirrers to assemble the sled shape and paints and decorates it to complete the sled.

Finished Project

As you can see the picture the finished project is quite charming.  When you think of sled, you probably think expensive and made of heavy wood.

I like that this project is the exact opposite of that.  It is inexpensive and easy enough for anyone to complete with things they most likely already have on hand (except the stirrers of course).

It looks very festive under the tree in the photo she styled it in.  For those with young children, I think this DIY would add some extra Santa magic to their Christmas.

The next time you’re at the home/hardware store, try picking up some stirrers to take your shot at building this decorative sled.

See the full step by step tutorial on her site here:

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