A Christmas Story Rabbit Pajamas

A Christmas Story is a loved holiday movie that’s been around since 1983. It’s a slice of life comedy that truly has at least a little something that everyone can relate to. Because it’s become such a cult classic, there are plenty of accessories made and desired that are based off the movie. A leg lamp, Ralphie’s glasses, and of course Ralphie’s pink bunny suit from Aunt Clara. Why would you want to look like a pink nightmare of a deranged Easter bunny? Perhaps to pay tribute to one of your favorite Christmas time movies. We found some rabbit pajamas from A Christmas Story, check out our picks below.

A Christmas Story Kid Pink Bunny Suitcheck-price-red

Deluxe Bunny Suit (Adult Large)check-price-red

A Christmas Story Men's Pink Bunny Union Suit Pajamacheck-price-red

Honestly, I agree with Ralphie’s mom, it’s pretty cute. Outside of the holiday season it might be little weird, but a general love for onesies has grown over the years and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a pink bunny suit (in the comfort of your own home). There’s ones made to fit children, men, and women, so everyone can make Aunt Clara happy. If you wanted to go crazy you could even have the whole family in rabbit onesies. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it if you’re trying to keep the peace, but it’s possible.
I hope you liked our picks. I hope we can all agree that there’s nothing wrong with showing a little love to a treasured film. To watch the original scene from the film, see the video below.

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