Christmas Pajamas with Tutu

Do you know what I find most fun about all these jolly jammies?  That they are so many different kinds that you would never even imagine.  I had no idea that they made Christmas pajamas with tutus attached for baby girls.  But when I found out, I was so excited to share them with you guys.  They are really adorable and any little one would look so precious in them for Christmas.  If it’s a baby girl or infant, chances are it’s their first Christmas.  That means it has to be celebrated to the fullest with a really special outfit.  Have a look below at some of the ones I found.

As you can see, there are pajamas of all sizes that come with tutu’s.  Here we have some onesies, and some shirt and tights sets.

Most are available with different designs.

Of course these should be worn for special occasions or special photos during the holidays.  I can only imagine that if they are worn for too long, it might start to be itchy and it could get uncomfortable due to the nature of the fabric.  But it all depends on how it fits on your child, so just be sure to check in with them often.

The good news is, they should be removable, leaving the cute Christmas outfit underneath.

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