Christmas Light Pajamas

How did I miss talking about Christmas light pajamas?  I mean, the string lights and their bulbs are only hugely symbolic of the holiday season.  They are used as decorations everywhere and when you see them, you know Christmas is right around the corner.

There’s always a cute picture of someone getting tangled up in these, or some mishaps when trying to light the tree.  If you like these lights just as much as I do, see them on the clothes below.

Sadly, there weren’t many options when I searched for these.  I was very surprised considering I thought it would be a popular holiday design.  I love when the illustrations of the bulbs are bright and bubbly.  Hopefully if you were looking for some string light designs you are not too disappointed.

There are still a few to choose from.  Whether you need them for young girls or boys, or women.

I have never had string light pajamas before, but now that I know they exist I might be tempted to buy some for myself or someone else.  These are the perfect gift for that one person you know that always get a little too festive during the holiday season.

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