Best Friend Christmas Pajamas

Best friend Christmas pajamas marks our first post leading up to Christmas 2017!  You can expect a lot more posts from us up until Christmas.  I hope you are as excited as we are.

Can you believe it’s already August?  Soon enough the summer heat will start to die down making way for the cool air and then before you know it you’ll see snow on the ground.

Our season is just getting started up at the North Pole.  We have only a few months to get everything together in time for everyone’s favorite holiday.

We wanted our first post back to be special, and what’s more special than your best friend?  Check out our finds below.

Would you believe it was actually hard to find these?
Apparently best friend Christmas pajamas aren’t so popular. Even though they took a long time to find, I hope you like our picks.

Above are the pajamas with the left/right matching hearts.  Let’s get into some other options.

These plaid and snowflake pajamas do not say “best friends” on them.  However, since options for a similar set are limited, you might want to just buy matching pajamas instead.

You can just get two of a nice pair like the ones above.

If you are buying these for your best friend I am sure they will be surprised at your thoughtful gesture.

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