6 Ugly Christmas Sweater Pajamas

Now this is one of my more favorite traditions, the ugly sweater. Whether its work, school, or a party, there is usually at least a day where you get to wear one during the holiday season. You’d be surprised by how competitive people can get! It’s definitely a big deal around here. But what happens when the party is over? You fold it away until next year. Well, now you can have ugly Christmas sweater pajamas to wear whenever you want.

Wear them lounging around the house, answering the door, walking your kids to the bus, and so on. Everyone will get a laugh. Or host your own ugliest pajamas contest party, so you can all be laughing together. I found a few online for you to look at below.

St. Eve Womens Packaged Ugly Christmas Sweater Microfleece Pajama Set
St. Eve Women's Ugly Christmas Sweater Microfleece Pajama Set


Hello Kitty Womens Ugly Holiday Pajama Set
Hello Kitty Women's Ugly Sweater Holiday Pajama Set


Ugly Christmas Sweater Party


Matching Ugly Christmas Sweater Pajamas


Planet Sleep Women's Ugly Sweater Pajama Hohoho


Ugly Christmas Sweater Hoodie Plush Footed Pajamas Onesie w/ Drop Seat


As you can see, a lot of them have some pretty wild prints. I like how loud the colors can be too, not just the traditional red, white, and green. There are some for men, women, and even the whole family. Some are pant and shirt sets, and some are onesies. Most of them come in different pattern or color choices as well. So, there are plenty options for you to choose from.

While these pajamas are obviously great, if you need an actual sweater, I have some advice for you. You can usually find a sweater or at least a vest at your local thrift store. Of course if you are able to do this a few months ahead of time, out of season, you will have no trouble picking one (or even a few) up for cheap. The closer it is to Christmas, the scarcer they become. But I’ve had luck picking up one there a few days before my work event.

Good luck on your ugly Christmas sweater hunting!

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